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This is the sound of a 900 injection fitted with my carlsson replica tailpipe. I think you will agree that it is very similar to a 900 turbo £220 - the bling was usually enough but to have a proper sounding 900 without the turbo complication is surely worth having

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Hello fellow SAAB enthusiast


You can now find more products on a new auction site EBID as well as ebay

I have now moved to the far north of Scotland -only 20 miles away from Dunnet Head and John O Groats, 2 of the furthest points on the mainland UK. If you happen to be visiting - pop in - always glad to see a SAAB enthusiast.

An introduction - I am an enthusiastic saab owner, I own several classic 900's and 2 9000's and have a fair amount of experience in solving saab problems primarily because I have faced the issues and had to find solutions.

I am sad enough to be often sat at my pc and telephone and a cheery call from a saab owner usually offers me the chance to bore of England on the subject. Hence I will often pick up the telephone from 8.00am - 10.00pm gmt. I often get calls from the US, Australia, Japan as well as the usual suspects in Europe and Scandinavia.

I have a particular knowledge of SAAB 9000 and SAAB classic 900 models and have a good parts knowledge of SAAB 9 5 and SAAB 9 3 models

01955 621955 until 10.00pm





Be aware that I am a married man with 4 children so sometimes do find other things to do







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