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whilst not answering all the kinds of issues facing this relatively simple task it will definitely help in most situations

Thanks to nutbehindthewheel from UKSAABS


A problem with reception on your radio is almost always (assuming the motor is getting an electrical supply) a broken aerial mast. This can be solved in 3 ways.

1. The easy way

Use a 17mm spanner and remove the top nut off the aerial on the rear wing.

Ask the better half to turn the radio on and pull the mast as it rises (or whats' left of the mast)

Insert the new mast, you may need to identify which direction the plastic teeth need to be positioned and ask them to turn the radio off.

The new mast will be sucked down inside the aerial motor and replace the top nut.

Job done

2. The not so easy way

You pull the mast and a shiny metal sheath (You'll see it around the new mast) does not come out with the broken bits. The old one has to be removed but there is nothing holding it in except the grime of a thousand years.

Squirt WD40 around the aperture and then insert some long nosed pliers down the aperture (CLOSED) then ipen them inside the aperture and TWIST the pliers forcing the sheath to move around.. ths breaking the dirt seal. The sheath should now be capable of being removed

3. The harder way

Everything is removed but the new mast will not fully retract.

There is some old plastic toothed belt in the motor. It needs to be removed

1. Usually 10mm bolts but can be torx screws hold the motor to the body

2. Once the motor is removed, use a 7mm socket to open the motor in 1/2 ... don't worry there are no nasty springs and surprises. There is a clear plastic housing inside and the toothed belt will be in there.. remeber to look in both halves of the motor casing.

When the weather improves I'll post a few pics, in the meantime and anytime you can call me

01582 499777

A new mast is

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