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Links to other websites

I am lucky to count many people in the SAAB world as friends. Many are SAAB trade people and some are owners of SAAB's with their own websites. Here you will find some links that may be useful.

An auction site I now use as an alternative to ebay with lower fees and less stress

A specialist in Stevenage that repairs and services SAAB's

An incredibly nice guy called Roger Whiteman who knows most things about late models and 9000's

Nic is a SAAB 900 owner with a 267k mile Carlsson amongst his collection, he is official photographer for the Jensen owners club and has been the official photographer for Volvo Owners Club


Here you will find lots of useful information, plenty of SAAB nuts and vehicles/parts for sale. Unfortunately I am banned from this website because I put my web address in some of my posts. Nonetheless there are some useful folk on there .. just not me (sad face)

A forum I do frequent from time to time that has some useful technical support

A really nice homemade video of the history of SAAB. Not enough c900 for my taste LOL

This is a video about the "Long Run" that the 9000 made in 1986 to prove turbocharger reliability

Set with some great music from "the war of the worlds" albeit the quality isn't great

Greek enthusiast site with some interesting convertible prototype photos

Pistonheads waxing lyrical about the 900 classic convertible

Pistonheads again, this time SHED OF THE WEEK.... a lighthearted look at a pair of low cost classic 900's for sale

Plenty of comments about the model that can be amusing to read

My facebook page that I have no idea how to maintain - any advice gratefully received

Avery good friend of mine where I replace all the headlinings. He has extensive experience in Range Rover products but is always retrimming old classic car interiors and can retrim your modern car if you so wish.


A radiator company that offer radiators for any type of vehicle including cars, classic cars, generators, coaches and trucks. I have assisted in their marketing for many years and their skills in resolving cooling problems are second to none. They have rebuilt many v4 radiators and do work for a Maserati specialist and Aston Martin specialist.

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