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WALNUT WOOD EFFECT DOOR TRIMS FOR ALL 2 AND 3 DOOR CLASSIC 900 INCLUDING CONVERTIBLES      THIS IS FOR A PAIR OF TRIMS - ONE FOR EACH DOOR      THIS ONE REPLACES THE VELOUR COVERING - YOU CAN APPLY TO YOUR CURRENT CARD HAVING REMOVED THE OLD VELOUR TRIM - OR I CAN SUPPLY SOME NEW CARD - THEY MAY EVEN ATTACH DIRECTLY TO THE DOOR - BUT I HAVEN'T TRIED THAT  I DO HAVE A PAIR THAT ARE "FAULTY" - THEY WERE MADE WITH 2 HOLES FOR THE REAR CLIPS - SO AREN'T PERFECT BUT I COULD SUPPLY AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE - IF YOU'RE INTERESTED      I DO SELL PRODUCTS ON OTHER PLATFORMS AND IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THESE MAY NEED TO BE MADE - CONTACT ME IF DELIVERY IS URGENT - I CAN LET YOU KNOW IF THEY'RE "ON THE SHELF"      01582 499777 UNTIL 10.00PM GMT      EASY TO APPLY - SELF ADHESIVE  CLEAN THE AREA WITH METHS AND PEEL THE BACKING TAPE BACK        If this listing pertains to SAAB parts, I would like to advise my customers that I own and run as daily drivers 2 classic 900's and a SAAB 9000 griffin and use the parts I supply on my own vehicles. Anything I discover to be unsuitable I find alternative sources. In truth this has happened very very rarely as the parts are approved by European standard testing facilities.My newest vehicle is 1997, approx 16 years old and my oldest is a 1988 white aero/t16s  Best wishes Steve Lewis



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