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SAAB 900 CLASSIC AERIAL MAST  - BLACK  £13.00  This is a BRAND NEW Electric Aerial Mast for ALL SAAB 900'S inc gm/ng 900 and CLASSIC 900 and 9 3 (1998 - 2003)  Fits all models Convertible Hatchback Sedan 2 3 4 and 5 doors  Whether it be AERO , injection , LPT , FPT this is the correct mast  This mast is Black finish JCM      see video above  best wishes Steve    Best done with 2 to turn the stereo on and to pull the aerial mast up out of it's receiver  undo the large nut on top of the aerial mast..turn the radio on  Grab it and it will come out complete with the toothed white will be dirty  Remember which direction the teeth came out and insert the new one in until you feel it grip  Turn the radio off and it will grab the teeth and pull itself back in      Any other issues call me to go through the process



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